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k1x Anti Gravity Composizione:90% Polyrethan 10% Textile Colore:black/white/red With the addition of the ANTI GRAVITY K1X have estabilished themselves on t…



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k1x Anti Gravity
Composizione:90% Polyrethan 10% Textile
With the addition of the ANTI GRAVITY K1X have estabilished themselves on the basketball sneaker market with a bang. All around the world players are spotted repping the iconic, monochrome design. They certainly know how to appreciate the top-class performance the ANTI GRAVITY has to offer: A perfect fit combined with a perforated upper and a ventilation system on the shoe’s side provide a comfort second to none. Not only do you experience this already mentioned comfort in a standstill – thanks to the ventilation you literally feel the breeze passing by your feet. And while we’re talking about performance, an enhanced heel area ensures more stability and an even better fit than ever before. To improve and support a baller’s jumping ability – the most important feature almost every player demands. Only an inch at best, more than enough for some though. Therefore an innovative forefoot area enables flexible movements and boosts a player’s vertical, hopefully allowing him to dunk the ball. Once at least. But slamming isn’t everything! The cushioning benifits from numerous high-quality inputs: It absorbs impact and turns it into energy – perfect for hard-fought pick-up games and fierce rebound battles. As you can see the ANTI GRAVITY isn’t only part of streetwear nowadays. No wonder, considering its plain look. Particularly the performance ability showcases the hard work K1X put into their shoe. Don’t ask what the people can do for you – ask what you can do for the people!
It should be clear to everybody now – the Anti-Gravity is supposed to be a high-quality performance basketball shoe. That doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to involve it into your personal streetwear collection though! As clean as it can possibly be. The latest Anti-Gravity variation profits from it classic black upper which, combined with the white midsole, completes the K1X patented look. Regardless if you decide to wear it on-court or out on the streets, don’t forget what the shoe itself stands for…never not ballin’!
Brand: K1X
Product name: Anti Gravity
Material: Polyurethan/Textile
Color: Black/White/Red
Tense cushioning for comfort and optimal fit
TPU technology for dependable and comfy lacing system
Padded mesh tongue for breathability
Perforated upper
Fitted sole, ideal for quick movements while assuring a low injury risk
Ventilation system on side of shoe
Dual EVA midsole for cushioning and durability
Durable TPU upper
Innovative forefoot area for flexible and higher vertical
TPU heel pocket for better slip-on
Anti Roll Outrigger on outsole for lateral stability
Evertex coating for better impact absorption
Enhanced heel area for more stability and perfect fit
Now available in even more fresh colors!

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